Thursday, March 17, 2016

'Batman v Superman' U.S. Press Junket: Day 2

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It was another round of Batman v Superman press interviews for Henry today. Here is everything from Burbank.

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Make sure to watch the cool video!

Best story below..

BOOM💥 And here's me and #batmanvsuperman 's #henrycavill 📸 #superman #batman #justiceleague💥👉 Long story short, a coworker of mine texted me that he saw Henry at our merchandise store, so I literally ran from our office all the way to him like I was #theflash or something!😂🏃⚡️Needless to say, I was sweaty, breathless and almost blacked out trying to talk to him 😅 I asked him if he had any fears taking on this iconic American role, and he said : " Not at all. I was confident and knew I could deliver a Superman that people could relate to..." I asked him more stuff, but it's spoilers oriented😮🔥👉 Also, He was extra nice, very understanding and I forgot that he's originally British lol 😌 PS: I look HORRIBLE! Also, Zack Snyder is currently in pre production for the Justice League movie! I see him more often now, so I'll have to ask him about that! PPS: I'm so glad I wore this shirt today 😂😂😂😂
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