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Sunday, March 20, 2016

NYC: 'Batman v Superman' World Premiere Afterparty



“Insane” would also describe the frenzy created when Mr. Affleck and Mr. Cavill posed for photographs at the party.

Sure Ben, rub it in.

Batman and Superman were spotted hanging out at the film's afterparty in New York City, that was thrown by who else.. Lex Luthor.

Quick sighting of Ben and Henry in this video.. (see a few more pics with the rest of the cast).

A quick clip of Henry at the party at this link below, plus some cool details about the bash.

Image: Rex

Catch up on everything from the premiere and look for updates as they come in.

Here's the Supes portrait..

 via @MadiBoggess

Young Bruce!

Henry with friends via Harris of Hollywood

Henry with his brother Charlie and other family and friends 


  1. I need this in my living room! lol It's been so much fun following Henry's whereabouts for the last two weeks and more to come! Thanks HCN!

  2. Great poster. Spoilers are out there so be careful. The full plot is out there.

  3. Love the Super Hero Realm very nice.Superman looks so handsome and elegant.Thank you


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