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Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Synopsis & Set Photo From 'Sand Castle'

This has turned out to be a fab Sunday!

Production company Voltage Films now has a page set up for Sand Castle, and it includes this new set photo and a new revealing synopsis:

Inspired by actual events, SAND CASTLE tells the gripping story of 19-year-old Matt Ocre (Nick Hoult), a machine gunner in the 2003 Iraq War. Matt and his platoon are sent on a mission to repair a damaged aqueduct in the increasingly dangerous village of Baqubah. Things quickly turn from bad to worse as the rising and deadly Sunni insurgency threatens to tip the already unstable region into full-on bloodshed and mayhem.

In the face of overwhelming adversity, Matt and his comrades-in-arms, Harper (Logan Marshall-Green), Chutsky (Glen Powell) and Burton (Beau Knapp), under the command of Captain Syverson (Henry Cavill), must tap into hidden strength and courage if they hope to get out alive

Directed by Fernando Coimbra, the acclaimed director of the award-winning thriller, “A Wolf at the Door,” SAND CASTLE provides an unvarnished look into the lives of actual soldiers during war and the true price they pay for their service.

The page also includes a link to what looks like an upcoming official site. Sand Castle is now in post-production, and is expected to hit theaters later this year. Stay tuned for updates, and check out Henry's official Facebook and Instagram,  for some cool behind the scenes shots.

Thanks to Gossipgyal and _Gardeniaa_ for the find.

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