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Monday, March 14, 2016

Henry Training Hard For Durrell Challenge (& Having A Bit Of Fun)

By now you should know Henry is a funny guy. And he showed off some of that lightheartedness, when he gave us a glimpse at the training he's been doing ahead of The Durrell Challenge.

We're going to be there (though now really scared about going up against a screaming Supes), and we hope to see you in Jersey!

The event is set for Sunday, May 15. Here's everything you need to know about it: doitfordurrell.com -- The route was just released today. Gulp. Doing it for Durrell!


  1. This was so funny. I wonder if that's Henry's version of "Faster than a speeding bullet"?

  2. He's just adorable. I loved the video and had to watch a couple of times. Got the heart racing I must add. Tara you are lucky! He comes across the type of friend who you would have a laugh with. Regarding his 13K run is there a way to donate money? I would be interested in helping anyway possible? :D

    1. Yes! In fact the charity tweeted out a huge thanks for the support around the world with a link in case you want to donate. https://twitter.com/TheDurrellChall/status/694132733417779200 -- Thank you so much.

    2. Here's the direct link that you can also find at doitfordurrell.com -- https://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/dwct/durrellchallenge2016

    3. Great Thanks! :D

  3. The bathrobe and the shower cap - goof! I like that he's not afraid to show this side of himself. And I need to run stairs, too.


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