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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Batman v Superman: U.S. Press Junket Interviews

The U.S. press junket is underway in LA, and in the coming days we'll be getting tons of interviews with Henry. Here is our initial post. This super funny first preview clip comes via @KristienMorato, who also talked to Henry during The Man from U.N.C.L.E. junket. Lucky her!

Made in Hollywood: Henry talks about training for the role, his Supes costume, filming action scenes.

Backstage OL: Henry talks about his "Cinco de Mayo" birthday, his costume (it has a zipper!), training for the role and more. 

Associated Press: Henry talks about the emotional decisions Supes is making that he'll regret later, and the responsibility of wearing the suit.

FOX 5 DC: Henry talks about Superman landing techniques, Justice League preps, more.

Blacktree TV: Henry talks about "the juvenile superhero going through growing pains." 

Screenslam: Henry loves playing Superman and having people see him as that. 

David Onda: Henry talks about Superman's psychology being something he really wanted to explore. He also gives you Easter egg tips! 

EXTRA: Henry talks about his social experiment on Times Square and more. 

Henry talks to IBN Live (India) about Superman's growing pains and how it feels to fly on set. WATCH. (only viewable on mobile device). UPDATE: Now on YouTube below.

BlackTree Media: Henry talks about Superman's ego and plays a rapid round of quick answers.

Flicks Plus: Henry talks about working with Ben, Jesse, and Amy (Clois relationship development). 

Kristien Morato: Henry talks about one of his favorite scenes in the film, his mystery real life hero, and how far he'd go to protect his loved ones.


  1. I'm enjoying all of the interviews but I really would love to see Henry on Ellen's show especially since Ben was a guest. Someone please make it happen.

    1. Yeah I would loved to see him on Ellen.

    2. Me too! C'mon Ellen... you are missing out!


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