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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When Superman Smart Talks Batman On Facebook

And here lies the magic of social media.

This funny interaction between Supes and Bats online, will have us laughing for days!

It all started with Ben Affleck releasing his new Omaze video as part of the "Ultimate Batman v Superman Experience," after Henry and Jesse Eisenberg shared theirs. Ben then made a comment on the re-post by Henry and.. THROWDOWN.

With just over three weeks to go until the Batman v Superman release, this is the kind of fun back and forth we love to see between these two (don't miss them on Kimmel). It's gonna go down on March 25!

Back to the contest, we've teamed up with Omaze and Durrell to give YOU the chance to fly in a Helicopter with Henry, ride in the Batmobile, meet Ben Affleck, and photobomb with Jesse Eisenberg at the red carpet premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—all while supporting 3 amazing causes.


  1. bahahaa how awesome is that XD

  2. Smack in two letters, one syllable, one word. And a period.

  3. Jesse Eisenberg joining in the convo: 'Boiz!'


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