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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

'Batman v Superman' On 'Nightline' Tonight

Meredith Frost/ABC

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  1. Thanks Henry Cavill News for the extensive coverage! You have one of the best fansites out there...BTW, I know Henry got a lot of heat with the 'money talk' in a recent interview, however, the girls from the view seems to defend him, or at least did not took it in a bad light. They even mentioned that Henry gave a good point to ponder. Here is the link:


    Anyway, keep up with the good work and more power!

  2. What did he say about money? I don't think I heard anything about that and what the fallout was from what he said.

    1. Basically he said that he loves acting but he's not just in it for the art. That the money is great! when you can spend it however you please. He enjoys buying things and treating his friends & family. Something that I don't see being a problem personally. Why can't he spend his hard earned money on what he likes. The media especially the Daily Mail love to take things out of context and make Henry out to be this cocky individual.

    2. Thank You!!!! I read the other articles and have to say there's nothing wrong with enjoying the money. Not many actors would be this honest.

    3. No, not many actors would be that honest. Actors have dropped out of film roles & not renewed contracts for TV shows because of money. Do people really think Matthew Mcconaughey does the Cadillac ads for the art of it? Or did Magic Mike for the art of it?(I love Matthew by the way). Will Smith isn't in the Independence Day sequel because of money. Would it have been impossible for the cast of Friends or Big Bang Theory to survive on less than $1million per episode? Money is a huge motivator. Those who say differently aren't being honest.

      I remember what Russell Crowe said to Henry when he was 16 and met him at Stowe School. The money is great but they treat you like shit.


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