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Friday, March 11, 2016

Batman v Superman: Henry Cavill Reuniting With Jimmy Kimmel!

Henry is set to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17.

The last time we saw them together (Oscar night), Supes sent Jimmy into space. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Keep up with all of Henry's Batman v Superman tour appearances, by checking this post.

Contributor: @locarranza.


  1. Is it possible to put everything in the article not viewable as you scroll down the blog? Like Title of the article, maybe some info and then a link to 'read more' if you'd like. Sometimes i just want to look at the titles without reading all the article. Just a thought, hope you don't get offended by it.

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback and checking out the blog. Normally that's not a problem since articles are usually pretty short. It's only during busy times like these that we do the extended wraps. We do try and split the page to minimize the content. Have a great weekend.

    2. Since you seem open to feedback (lol), any chance you might update the banner to include Henry's Napoleon Solo pic? Just a thought.

    3. We are doing some upgrades and an updated banner is on the list.

      Thank you!

  2. anyone know if this will actually be recorded day of (and not pre-recorded on a different date like some celebrity appearances)?? I will be in LA this week and will be going over there to catch a glance if he will really be there in person on that date. Thanks for your help!!!

  3. That is a possibility, but no way of knowing because they don't announce those double tapings. Good luck, that show should be fun.


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