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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Promo Pic Reveals Details On Mysterious Fall Shoot In London

Remember this mysterious preview (above)? now we apparently know what it was for! -- A big thank you to jojosk77, for letting us know about this new promo pic for Mini Clubman/Dunhill. You may remember soon after the photo was taken last fall (and that hair was history), Henry traveled to China where he attended two red carpet events, including a launch for the Mini Clubman car brand and a fashion show for Dunhill. Here is our coverage: 1/2/3.

Hopefully there are more promo shots where this one came from, and we can link you to the official source.

Stay tuned.

UPDATEHere are the rest.. swoon city! (unfortunately tagged for now). Enjoy.

UPDATE 2: Here are the untagged ones via Henry Cavill Brasil. Thank you everyone.  


  1. Each picture, more beautiful than the last!

  2. Is it to promote some tailor store?

  3. Nobody wears a suit better than Henry Cavill. No one.

  4. So british. Perfect for the book for Bond. Beautiful photos. Do you think it is milk, cappuccino, tea with milk ? I would like to know if Henry is tea or coffee.

    1. Last year before the Oscars a group of Brits were asked about making tea Henry admitted that he doesn't make it that often as he drinks coffee. The clips on YouTube somewhere.

    2. Thank you so much.

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtBUez37UcE here it is!

  5. Damn, these are yummy. I love the one by the fireplace. He needs to be the official spokesman again for Dunhill. Their clothing line this time.

  6. That scissors!! Hahaha.. In publicity nothing is coincidence...


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